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March 2, 2018
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March 9, 2018
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How much money could I save by staging my home prior to listing?

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The average upstaged home spends 4.5 months on market before selling, where as the average staged home spends 1.5 months on the market. (NBC News).

What does this mean for you? A savings of 3 months worth of carrying costs! Now, let’s see an example of what this looks like in dollars and cents!

The cost of staging a home can range from 1500-2500 for a 1500-2500sq ft home

With a mortgage of $2000 (including PITI) and average home-related bills of $1000, you are spending $3000 per month on your home. The cost to YOU without staging for 4.5 months on market is $13,500 vs $4,500 with staging.

Therefore, a $2000 investment in staging can save you $9,000 in holding costs! **

First Impressions Home Staging
First Impressions Home Staging
First Impression professionals work with homeowners, investors and realtors to create a team that successfully works together towards the same goal: To Sell your home Quick and Sell high! We offer a full interior design program custom tailored for YOUR property. We will work with your contractors directly to select finishes so you don't have to! This can be done individually or combined with our staging services for a discounted price!

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